What is that white stuff on my basement walls?? Efflorescence

Waterproofing contractor

This white stuff should not be coming out of the wall

I am often asked, “What is that white stuff on my basement walls?”  The name for it is called efflorescence. It means to “flower up” It is a powdery substance that has deposited on surface of the cement foundation walls. This is a sign of water and moisture infiltration. As a local waterproofing contractor and expert coatings specialist, it is my job to educate the homewowner on exactly what is going on in their basement. Especially homeowners dealing with water problems or flooding in their basements.

In Massachusetts the water table can get prety high causing a lot of problems for homeowners in the finished or unfinished basements. Efflorescence should not be taken lightly. It is a serious sign water and moisture infiltration. Not only is it a sign of water problems, but the powdery stuff on your basement walls used to be inside your basement wall holding the concrete together.

As the water molecules and moisture particles pass through the cement, they pick up tiny pieces of the minerals that hold the concrete together. These minerals crystallize on the surface as they hit the air. The more “white stuff” you have, the faster your foundation will loose integrity.  As you can see in this picture the water is being pulled up from the ground in a capillary action. A French drain dug down will only allow more water to enter the space a lot faster. See my post on floor entry water table and problems with French drains. This picture illustrates moisture getting into the basement and promoting a wonderful playground for mold and mildew to grow. It only take 48 hours for mold and mildew to form.

Basement walls and floors are very porous allowing water to flow or wick

You need to stop the water from coming through. a French drain is not enough

Most waterproofing contractors in Massachusetts have only a few options to solve problems. We  at Leigh Custom Coatings, have many different solutions that are designed to deal with specific issues and perform with appropriate properties. We deal with Negative and Positive Pressure, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic and Hydroscopic properties. We have products that travel deep within the concrete to seek out water and stop it from coming. We have products that can essentially stop the hydrostatic pressure in your basement floor or walls.  Before you hire someone to demolish the perimeter of your foundation floor and create a water tunnel inside your basement, give us a call. We can affordably stop the water, instead of move the water around.  Call 508-925-0252 or email Roy at roym@leighgc.com




Areas we currently serve in Massachusetts: Worcester County, Greater Springfield, Blackstone Valley, Nashoba Valley, MetroWest, Greater Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Southern New Hampshire, New Hampshire Sea Coast. Southern Maine, Eastern Connecticut, Greater Hartford Connecticut, Rhode Island North, South County Rhode Island. Cape and The Islands.



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Owner Leigh Custom Coatings specializing in long term permanent solution to water problems for residential, commercial, & industrial applications. We stop water from getting in, others just redirect it.

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